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30.01.15 ‘Chronicles of Ordinary Hatred’ New Album Release

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It was November 11th, 2010 when Mothercare released their last record. A full length under the name of The Concreteness of Failure, recorded, mixed and mastered in a newborn kreativeklanstudio, and released under the very young kreativeklan record label. Almost 5 years later here they are again, when you least expected, releasing an 8 tracks record to celebrate the only fact they’re still together as a band, after more than 20 years. That’s what happened… Mothercare had an amazing party with lifetime friends at the beginning of 2014, to remember their 20 years activity as a band. It was maybe the excitement of that show, where they had the chance to play again with all their past lineups on stage, to make them wanting to enter the studio again. ‘Chronicles of Ordinary Hatred‘ is not properly an Ep neither a full album. Looking at the tracklist and the guests’ appearences, you can just imagine they had some fun working on this one.

It’s basically 6 new songs by Mothercare (one of them divided in 2, and dedicated to a nice lady ‘Devouress’), plus 2 outstanding cover tracks. The 2 songs they have chosen to cover are quite interesting… First one would be “Relics” by Nasum, very significant band for Mothercare: the song was written by the Mieszko who tragically passed away ten years ago, and whose very last recording was as guest vocals on Mothercare’s “Traumaturgic” album (2005). Right before that track you will find an old school fans treat, with the song “Piss Angel” from Pig Destroyer, hilariously replayed, resung and remixed for the occasion…

As many other evergreen metal bands, also Mothercare get nostalgic sometimes… That’s why some very cool friends are guesting on this record! In order of appearance there will be Guillermo Gonzales (old school Mothercare), guest vocals on “Relics”, Sbibu, guest percussions on “La Stanza Dipinta di Viola” which orchestration is by Klandelion. Finally the austrian Sebastian “CP” Platzer (Not To Save One’s LifeKàla) guesting vocals on Venomous.

New Merch Upcoming!

maglia nera cornice maglia nera effetto rovinato

We are finally very glad to present here the official beastly Cover Art, signed – as you can see – by the one and only Mirkow Gastow. Same applies to the merch graphic designs Mothercare will put on sale, together with the record: a nice and instagram friendly goat pet, with three eyes and a little crush on satan. 3 color variants available and all sizes!!

Keep following Mothercare webpage and kreativeklan blog for updates on Chronicles of Ordinary Hatred cd release!


New Live! – 26 Apr. 2014



New Live! – 25 Jan 2014



  • MOTHERCARE “Concreteness of European Failure 2013”

    18.10.2013 – Brooklyn – Brno (CZ)
    19.10.2013 – U Ocka – Bratislava (SK)
    20.10.2013 – Boogie Bar – Trencin (SK)


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